Hong Kong is a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures, as well as a popular tourist destination known as Fragrant Harbor. I was born and raised in Kowloon, meaning Nine Dragons, and experienced the hot and humid summers, typhoons, and monsoons in a city that has grown to over 7 million people. From an early age I was engrossed in a myriad of cultures including Brits, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, and many other nationalities. Thanks to Facebook, I’m still connected to many of my Beacon Hill grade school friends!I learned Cantonese and English at the same time, mostly playing basketball on the playgrounds near Kowloon Tong, and loved to eat dim sum, egg tarts and pineapple buns by the dozens growing up.Today, Hong Kong is under China’s rule, governed as a limited democracy. While China controls foreign and defense policies, Hong Kongers are allowed freedom of governance in both financial and social affairs. In recent years we’ve seen the younger generation of Hong Kongers demonstrate against what they perceive to be China’s overreach to this free market economy. For anyone who has traveled to Hong Kong, you will testify that this is the place to bargain for a deal, whether it be electronics, watches, clocks, textiles, clothing or footwear. And for those who don’t need a bargain you can stay at the Peninsula Hotel and mingle with global business moguls and do some high-priced shopping!As a kid we used to take the MTR, or Star Ferry over to Hong Kong Island, ride the double-deck trams, or hop on a bus over the mountain to Stanley Market, where we’d bargain for the newest pairs of Nike’s and Polos, even though some of them were total knockoffs.Here are a few fun facts:

#1 | Dim sum, meaning “touch the heart,” originated in Hong Kong. Can I get an “Amen!”

#2 | Star Ferry began running in 1880 with the service across Victoria Harbor to Tsim Sha Tsui taking up to an hour. Today, that same ride across the harbor takes 10 minutes.

#3 | Hong Kong was ranked 4th in global billionaires, comprising of 64 residents holding at least $1 billion fortunes.

#4 | Hong Kong’s skyline boasts two of the highest buildings in the world. The tallest building, International Commerce Centre, sits in West Kowloon and is half a kilometre high. Equally as impressive is the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, whose bar and swimming pool are on the 118th floor.

#5 | A foodie heaven, Hong Kong is the place to score Michelin-starred food at rock bottom prices throughout a city that has one of the highest numbers of restaurants or cafes per capita.

Take an adventure to the Orient inside the pages of Waking Lazarus!


So, what makes for a great summer read?

I’ve found that I’m drawn to characters who are compelling and entertaining. I’m always on the hunt for characters that grab and pull me into their world. And when I find those characters, I’m hooked. I’ll read day and night while the waves crash against the rocks, or roll up on the shore. I think of characters like Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, Harry Potter, Jason Bourne, and others who captured my attention from the first page.

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What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

What I discovered throughout the writing process was that using my experiences traveling to the poorest places in the world fueled my drive to create the Guardian Novels, a series filled with mystery, suspense, and adventure. All of those were aspects of the story, but from the first novel the reality of the fight against human trafficking was an underlying thread throughout. It’s one reason why I’ve defined this series as cause-driven novels. My hope is that readers will be entertained, but will also be inspired to make a difference in the world when they flip that last page.

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In the midst of a crazy week (note: scruffy beard) launching my #1 Best Beach Read for Summer 2017 campaign for my novel, Waking Lazarus, I was surprised by a UPS delivery from FaithWords|Hachette books. I took a minute from the insanity of deadlines to stop and be grateful for the opportunity to be part of writing Street Smarts from Proverbs with my buddy, Mitch Kruse. In case you’re wondering…book releases June 27th worldwide!

At eight years old, I read Treasure Island cover to cover, lost in my bedroom living out an adventure in another world. From the first page I was captured by the story and characters. When I closed the book I was left dreaming of becoming a storyteller. I never imagined how that would become reality. Fast forward through the years to a season in life where I found myself transitioning out of the music industry into the second act of my career as an Executive Producer and Director in the TV business. Only then did that spark of inspiration return to pursue my dream to write mystery, suspense, and international thrillers. Even after all those years I was hooked by a spark of inspiration, and the chase was on.

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Summers are all about long vacations, blue skies, sparkling oceans, and sand wedged between our toes. And they’re also about losing ourselves in great stories that leave us on the edge of our seat, so we can relax! Whether that be reading a paperback at the beach, or a hardcover with a glass of Cabernet in the evening at home, summers are the perfect time to catch up on the best thrillers of all time.  I had the opportunity to share some of my favorites at Crime Thriller Hound!