What I’ve Learned Writing My Next Novel


I’ve learned some valuable lessons writing my next novel, Waking Lazarus, which is set to release on June 3, 2016. In the weeks leading up to the release I plan to share those lessons with those who are pursuing their writing dreams. Believe me, I know how it feels to stare at a blank page, struggle in the trenches with the right characters and plot, and relish in the excitement when those moments strike and the words flow. Perhaps what I’ve learned will inspire those who are traveling their own writing journey. My hope in sharing is to inspire you to keep pushing, and never give up.

  • Writing the First Line
  • Outlines versus Zones
  • Understanding Why I Write (Purpose versus Profit)
  • First Person Versus Third Person (How do I choose?)
  • Finding Your Voice and the Audience Will Follow
  • Your Writing Space
  • Discipline Versus Creativity
  • Perfect Grammar Versus Convincing Characters
  • Should You Read in Your Genre While You’re Writing Your Novel?
  • Silence Versus Soundtrack
  • Setting Clear Markers to Reach the Finish Line
  • Take A Break and Allow the Story to Settle
  • Finding the Rhythm to Your Story
  • Choosing Between Forks in the Road
  • What is the Best Way to use Research
  • Rewrite…Rewrite…Rewrite
  • Finding A Literary Agent Versus Writing More
  • Traditional Versus Indie Publishing
  • Building A Brand Versus Marketing A Book
  • Having the Courage to Bury the Bad Paragraphs
  • Finding an Editor who Knows Your Voice
  • Always Have Another Story in Your Back Pocket (What’s next?)

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