Waking Lazarus Soundtrack in the Works


I am so excited to introduce you to composer, Jené Nicole Johnson, who will be scoring a soundtrack to go with my new novel, Waking Lazarus. Many of you will recognize her for her parody arrangement of a song from Disney’s Frozen titled, “Do You Wanna Go to Starbucks?” which went viral with over 4.8 million hits on YouTube. She’s been reviewed in Huffington Post, Broadway World, People Magazine, and The Today Show.


As part of my writing process, music has always been instrumental in helping to capture those moments that bring the story to life. So, I dreamed of doing something that I haven’t seen done before with a novel. I wanted to enhance your reading experience by taking you deeper into the story through a soundtrack that captures the essence of Waking Lazarus. And after meeting with Jené, I knew she was the perfect person to make that dream a reality. What she has planned is going to blow you away!

“When D.J. came to me with this idea, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I think the wheels in my head started turning right away. One of the most exciting things about this project is it’s not only a new and different concept for me as a composer, but it’s a new and different concept in the realms of both music and books. We’re breaking ground on creative territory, and to be a part of a challenge like this is truly remarkable. Music has the power to transform the world around you, and this soundtrack will allow you to be submersed deeper into the captivating world D.J. has created in ‘Waking Lazarus’ as the words seem to jump off the page, lifted by the emotive music that matches what you are reading. It’s going to be an incredible experience getting to partner with D.J. to create this soundtrack to accompany ‘Waking Lazarus.’ Trust me… this book is one you won’t be able to set down!”

We’re also working on a few other surprises that we’ll share with you over the next few months, including details for the release night in Los Angeles. I’ve also started writing the next novel in the series!

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