5 Questions with NYT and Sunday Times Best-selling Author, James Swallow

I’m delighted today to feature a special interview with author and scriptwriter, James Swallow, to share about his novels, Nomad and Exile, and ask him a few questions about his vacation reading. Next week you can win a copy of Exile and a copy of Nomad by James Swallow. Enter here.“British Agent Marc Dane returns (NOMAD) to grapple with a vicious Serbian gang, a disgraced Russian general and some vengeful Somali warlords.” (The Bookseller)

“Racing breathlessly from unchartered CIA prisons to the skyscrapers of Dubai, from storm beaten oil rigs off the African coast to the ancient caverns beneath the city of Naples. Marc Dane returns in an explosive new thriller.” (The Irish Examiner)

“This really is a fast paced thriller, that draws you in and keeps you on the hook all the way through.” (Atticus Finch)

“An ultra fast paced, worldwide chase to stop a madman, while leaving the reader breathless.” (Choice Magazine)

“A SECOND outing for Britain’s answer to Jason Bourne…Our hero is the only person who can see the danger the world is facing. Fast-moving and fun…” (Daily Mail)

Back Cover:


A vicious Serbian gang whose profits come from fake nuclear weapons.

A disgraced Russian general, with access to the real thing.

A vengeful Somali warlord, with a cause for which he’d let the world burn.

A jaded government agency, without the information to stop him.

Only one man sees what’s coming. And even he might not be able to prevent it . . .

Racing breathlessly from uncharted CIA prisons to the skyscrapers of Dubai, from stormbeaten oil rigs off the African coast to the ancient caverns beneath the city of Naples, Marc Dane returns in the incredible new action thriller from the internationally bestselling author of NOMAD.


5 Questions

1. What do you like to read while on vacation? (Fiction? Non-fiction? Thrillers? What your competitors are writing? Recommendations from a friend?)

Holidays are all about getting away from it all for me, so my pick for vacation reading tends to be more a question of tone than genre – I like to read something exciting or engaging! That could be a thriller that sets the adrenaline flowing, an SF story that stretches the imagination, or an interesting bit of non-fiction. Anything that isn’t dense, dour or downbeat!

2. Do you have a favorite vacation destination?

I love going to the coast, particularly around the Mediterranean Sea. You’re usually guaranteed to get good weather, good food and good wine there! And there’s something about being by the sea that always relaxes me… I find it’s the perfect location to unwind.

3. Does a particular book you read once on vacation stand out? Why?

I have a vivid memory from my pre-teens of reading the Robert Markham (aka Kingsley Amis) James Bond novel Colonel Sun while sitting on a rocky outcrop overlooking a beach in North Cornwall. I devoured the book in a day – and fittingly, got sunburnt!

4. Do you buy books for your vacation in advance and resist reading them before you travel, or do you pick them up at the airport?

I can’t walk past a bookstore without going in and I rarely leave – especially if it’s a book shop selling used or old titles – without having bought something. So, I have a big to-read pile at all times. But I will pick out certain titles and save them as “travel reads”. Picking which books to pack sometimes takes longer than all the rest of my holiday prep…

5. What is your dream vacation destination (if time and money were no object)?

That’s a tough one! I’m always pulled in two directions when I take a vacation – on the one hand, I could see myself lazing around on a beach in the Maldives, in some shady spot with a cool drink and something to read. But then I like to mix the ‘do nothing’ days with something active, so I could go for visiting an ancient site like Petra in Jordan or hiking up Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii.

JAMES SWALLOW is a British author and scriptwriter. A BAFTA nominee, Scribe Award winner, New York Times, Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller, he is the author of over 45 original books and tie-in novels, along with numerous short stories, audio dramas and videogames.

His writing includes the Rubicon action thrillers, the Sundowners steampunk Western novels, and stories from the worlds of Star Trek, Warhammer 40,000, Doctor Who, Star Wars, 24, Stargate, 2000AD and more. He lives and works in London.

Exile by James Swallow is out now!

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