About D.J.

With the DNA of a world traveler, D.J. Williams was born and raised in Hong Kong, igniting an adventurous spirit as he ventured into the jungles of the Amazon, the bush of Africa, and the slums of the Far East. His global travels engrossed him in a myriad of cultures, and provided a unique perspective that fuels his creativity as an Executive Producer, Director, and Author. Storytelling is in his DNA, and continues to inspire his passion to write suspenseful thrillers for an international audience.

“Williams delivers an exciting, well-executed thriller . . . A highly recommended read that will make readers hope for a sequel.” — Kirkus Reviews

As a fresh voice in mystery and suspense, Williams’ latest novel, The Auctioneer, is a captivating covert international thriller filled with riveting characters and a gripping storyline amidst spellbinding twists and turns. The Auctioneer released in February 2019 and quickly climbed the charts on Amazon Hot New Releases, ranking #21 (Espionage Thrillers), #22 (Vigilante Justice) and #30 (International Mystery & Crime).

His previous novels, The Disillusioned and Waking Lazarus, garnered the praise of Hollywood’s elite including Judith McCreary (Co-EP, Law & Order:SVU, Criminal Minds, and CSI) and Peter Anderson (Oscar Winner, Cinematographer). With the release of The Auctioneer, Williams is proving once again that he is a storyteller on the rise.

“D.J. Williams is a master storyteller, who clearly knows how to craft a complex and compelling plot. In The Auctioneer, his third (and best) international thriller, he has yet again created a heart-stopping narrative that grips you from the outset. This is a mile-a-minute read – ingenious, intelligent, and high-intensity. But, at the same time, there is an authenticity to the writing. The characters are well-developed and three-dimensional. They feel real. There is a strong visual, filmic quality to the novel, evidence of Williams’ background as a Los Angeles producer and director. The Auctioneer is a riveting read, and very difficult to put down! Highly recommended.” – Hannah Hargrave, award winning publicist, former publicity manager for Little Brown Book Group (Part of the UK’s leading publisher, Hachette)

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Williams continues to add to his producing and directing credits of more than 400 episodes of broadcast TV syndicated worldwide by developing new projects for television, film, and print.

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