My life for the last sixteen years has been as a storyteller. With the DNA of a world traveler, I was born in Hong Kong, have ventured into the jungles of the Amazon, the bush of Africa, and the slums of the Far East, to share stories of those who are overcoming incredible odds. I have also produced and directed over 200 television episodes syndicated on NBC, ABC, FOX and various cable networks worldwide.

At eight years old, I read Treasure Island cover to cover, lost in my bedroom living out an adventure in another world. From the first page I was captured by the story and characters. When I closed the book I was left dreaming of becoming a storyteller. I never imagined how that would become reality. Fast forward through the years to a season in life where I found myself transitioning out of the music industry into the second act of my career as an Executive Producer and Director in the TV business. Only then did that spark of inspiration return to pursue my dream to write mystery, suspense, and international thrillers. Even after all those years I was hooked by a spark of inspiration, and the chase was on.

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Summers are all about long vacations, blue skies, sparkling oceans, and sand wedged between our toes. And they’re also about losing ourselves in great stories that leave us on the edge of our seat, so we can relax! Whether that be reading a paperback at the beach, or a hardcover with a glass of Cabernet in the evening at home, summers are the perfect time to catch up on the best thrillers of all time.  I had the opportunity to share some of my favorites at Crime Thriller Hound!


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Mitch Kruse learned the hard way that going to church three times a week while growing up did not answer the question:

Have you ever thought about changing the scorecard of your life from money to wisdom?

His pursuit to find the answer sparked a lifelong journey through the ultimate wisdom book, Proverbs, one that connects God’s heart with street smarts.

STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS introduces Solomon’s twelve words to the wise:
• righteousness, equity, and justice
• wise behavior, understanding, and wise communication
• prudence, discretion, and wise counsel
• discipline, knowledge, and learning

Each is paired with a real-life story of someone who experienced God’s miraculous restoration after humbling their heart to Him. It explains, illustrates, and applies one of the twelve words, providing an easy-to-understand, yet life-transforming step-by-step process to assimilate each respective trait of wisdom.

STREET SMARTS FROM PROVERBS gives memorable prompts for the reader to recall every point with the purpose of applying it to conflict at work, with family, among friends, and in ministry. It provides tangible tools to be shrewd, yet harmless, in business dealings; to separate wisdom from foolishness through discretion; and to seek wise counsel for life’s decisions.

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I can’t tell you how excited I am for the upcoming release of Street Smarts from Proverbs due out June 27, 2017! Not only did I have the honor of working on this book with my best buddy, Mitch Kruse, but for nearly two decades I’ve also had a front row seat to one of the wisest people I know. I’m forever grateful to Mitch for guiding me through some difficult times, for allowing me to partner with him on The Restoration Road with Mitch Kruse TV series, and for being a friend who offers the wisdom of Proverbs to impact those around him. If you’re someone who is longing to learn the wisdom found in Proverbs, or if you find yourself needing to navigate through conflict to community, then this book is a must read! Watch for details coming in the next few weeks from our publisher, FaithWords/Hachette!